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Eclipse XT Marauder Biker Sunglasses


Product Description

The Marauder Eclipse XT photochromic sunglasses is one of our larger frames with removable foam. Lots of attitude. Features:

• Polycarbonate Transition XtrActive Lenses
• Ventilated foam gasket to prevent fogging
• Rubber nose and ear pieces
• Durable Flex Frame technology
• Includes hard shell nylon zipper case, neck cord & Microfiber cleaning pouch
• Fits LARGE to XLARGE heads. For Head Size Chart, CLICK HERE

Camshaft fits the following prescriptions:


Sphere ("+" means farsighted and 

"-" means nearsighted)

Cylinder (for astigmatism)

Right (OD)

Up to +2.50 to -2.50

Up to + or - 2.25

Left (OS)

Up to +2.50 to -2.50

Up to + or - 2.25


Please call (972) 250-BIKR to order your motorcycle prescription sunglasses today or email us at


What is the difference between Photochromic and Transitions Lenses:
What are photochromic motorcycle sunglasses? Photochromic is the generic term that refers to ALL sunglasses lenses that darken when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Terms such as Light Adjusting Lenses, 24:7 lenses, and Day Night motorcycle glasses all refer to photochromic lenses. The Bikershades Eclipse motorcycle goggles utilize standard photochromic technology. The Eclipse works well, but if you are looking for sunglasses that gets darker than anything else on the market today, try the Eclipse XT.

What does Transitions™ mean? Transitions™ is a proprietary brand that is trademarked by the Transitions™ company, Transitions™. Transitions™ are the best performing photochromic lenses on the market today. The Bikershades Eclipse XT motorcycle sunglasses and goggles utilizes Transitions XtrActive™ lenses. So, when the term Transitions™ is used, it should be referring to Transitions™ brand lenses only. Bikershades is the only company which utilizes genuine Transition XtrActives™ in its lenses.
What is the difference between Photochromic, Transitions VI™, Transitions XtrActives™, Transitions Vantage™ Lenses, and Transitions DriveWear™ Lenses?
Transitions VI™ - The original Transitions™ lenses most commonly used for casual eyeglasses. Your fellow co-workers and office workers wear Transitions VI™ lenses. Available in Gray and Brown.

Transitions XtrActives™ - Recommended for active lifestyles and outdoor sports. Darkest tint available. Also activates up to 50% behind windshield of car. Available in Gray.

Transitions Vantage™ - The only lenses in the market today with variable polarization technology that darkens AND polarizes when exposed to UV rays and outdoor glare. Darkens as much as Transitions VI™ lenses. Available in Gray.

Transitions Drivewear™ - Unprecedented lenses that are polarized which continuously adapt to reduce glare and optimize color contrast. Designed to provide maximum clarity and comfort for daytime driving.
Do Eclipse XT Transitions™ and Eclipse Photochromic Lenses offer 100% UV protection?
Yes, both offer 100% UV protection in both clear and dark states.
How dark does the Eclipse XT get?
All photochromic lenses, including Transitions™ darken more in cooler temperatures. At 50ºF (10ºC) the Eclipse XT with Transitions Xtractives™ darken to transmit only 4% of visible light. At 73ºF (23ºC), they darken to transmit only 10% of visible light. At 95ºF (35ºC) they will darken to transmit only 20% of visible light. Keep in mind that it is the lenses are normally a bit cooler too because of the wind. No other lens in the world gets as dark as the Eclipse XT in hotter temperatures.
How clear does the Eclipse XT get at night?
The Eclipse XT with Transitions XtrActives™ are suitable for riding and driving at night per the ISO 14889 standard. 100% of our bikers absolutely love them. 
How fast does the Eclipse XT change from clear to dark?
It takes seconds to see the difference and less than a minute to reach full darkness. Watch video for more details.
Does the Eclipse XT darken behind the windshield of a car?
Yes. Only the EclipseXT with Transitions XtrActives™ will darken behind the windshield of a car. At 81ºF (27ºC), the Eclipse XT will darken to transmit only 50% of visible light. 72% of consumers responded that they were satisfied with Transitions XtrActive™ lens when driving in very sunny conditions.
Does the Eclipse XT include a scratch resistant coating?
Yes, a hard coat is applied on all Eclipse XT lenses.
Is the Eclipse XT impact resistant?
Yes, the lenses are impact resistant per ISO 148889 Section 5.2. If you need the lenses to be marked as safety rated, safety rated frames are available.

Do Anti reflective coatings benefit Transition XtrActive™ lenses?
Yes, our ClearView Anti-reflective coatings sharpens vision in the day by reducing distracting glare and sharpens vision at night by filtering out the halo effect around lights. Anti-reflective coatings also increase the amount of light filtered by Transition XtrActive™ lens in the day.
What is life expectancy of Transitions XtrActive™ lenses?
The performance life of Transitions Xtra Actives™ lenses will generally last a for as long as your prescription is effective. While there may be a small loss of photochromic performance over time, with normal usage, this change is generally not perceptible by the wearer.
What other standards of performance does the Eclipse XT with Extra Actives achieve?
-Traffic signal recognition as per ISO 14889
-Suitable for night driving per ISO 14889
-Block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation per ISO 8930-3
-Block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation per ANSI Z80.3
-Block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation per EN 1836
-Impact resistant as per US FDA Impact Resistant Regulation 21 CFR 801.410
-Impact resistant as per ISO 14889 Section 5.2

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