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Clear And Yellow Lenses

Riding at night with dark
sunglasses can be very dangerous. Dark lenses can hide pot holes, cars with headlights turned off, and can make you tired. In fact, in some states it's illegal to ride at night with dark sunglasses. offers
a huge selection of night riding glasses and goggles.

Night vision glasses can be either clear glasses or yellow lenses. What is the difference between clear lenses and
yellow lenses?

Yellow Lenses:

Popular for night riding, yellow lenses eliminate
the "halo effect" and "fuzz" around lights at night, sharpens vision, and
enhances colors. In the day, yellow lenses filter out blue light (which
cause haziness) in the UV spectrum, increasing contrast and clarity. Yellow lenses also
offers 100% UV protection just like dark sunglasses.

Clear Lenses: Provides the most natural vision. Helps reduce
"halo effect" around lights at night. Also offers 100% UV protection just like dark sunglasses.